CGN 21500 Chilli Pepper Seeds

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Cultivar Origin Brazil
Wow-factor Juicy and fruity, multicolour
Species Capsicum chinense
Heat Level +/- 100,000 SHU
Flower Colour White corolla with purple anthers

10+ seeds in a pack

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CGN 21500 Chilli Pepper Seeds

The CGN 21500 chilli pepper has an interesting history.  It originates from Brazil, but its CGN classification indicates an accession from the Centre of Genetic Resources the Netherlands, in Wageningen.  There, the seeds have been incorporated into the Capsicum collection of the gene-bank, where the variety is conserved and regenerated.

The label ‘CGN 21500’ doesn’t quite do justice to this chilli pepper’s colourful good looks.  That may be why it is also known by the more descriptive names of Sunset Peach and Purple Peach.  CGN 21500 pods ripen to a soft orange-peach, with a purple blush, and the foliage is dark, tinged with purple.

There may also be a hint of peach in the flavour of the CGN 21500.  It is definitely full of fresh fruity notes.  You can expect medium-hot pungency from CGN 21500, but it does not pack the full heat punch of a Habanero.

In the kitchen, the milder CGN 21500 chilli pepper can be used in all the ways that a Habanero would be.  Think hot or sweet sauces, fruity jams and jellies, ceviche and salsa.   Pairs well with seafood, chicken and meat.


Growing Tips for CGN 21500 Chilli Pepper Seeds

This is one of the easier Capsicum chinense varieties to grow, and it is a prolific producer.   Warming the germination medium with a heating pad set to 25 – 30 deg Celsius will improve and speed the first part of the growing process.  Be sure to keep the medium moist, but not wet, until the seedlings are ready to transplant.

This chilli pepper will do best in a warm area with partial shade, either in the ground or in a pot.  Being a tropical plant, the CGN 21500 chilli pepper should thrive in climates with warm nights and high humidity, and will only need protection if there is a risk of frost.  In colder areas, plants can be grown in a green-house, or under cover in any warm location that gets a good dose of daily light and sun.  The length of the growing season varies, depending on local conditions, but is usually 120 days or more.

CGN 21500 chilli pepper plants will not take up a lot of space, as the variety has an upright growth habit, and reaches a height of about 800mm at maturity.  As the plants produce many fruit, an abundant harvest is likely.  Regular picking of the pods will promote plant growth and production.


CGN 21500 Pod Profile

The round, sometimes fluted, lantern-shaped pod has a very juicy medium-thick wall.  Most pods are flat-bottomed, but some may be slightly elongated.  The average mature pod size is 20 – 25mm in diameter.

Young pods are dark green/purple, turning to a pale-orange-peach with purple flushes, when mature. The pink-purple pod colour and dark foliage is common to Roxa chilli peppers, such as Cheiro Roxa and Fidalgo Roxa, and it is probable that the CGN 21500 is related to this type.


CGN 21500 Heat and Flavour

At a grading of 100,000 SHU, the CGN 21500 chilli pepper could be described as medium-hot.  It sits somewhere near the middle of the average Capsicum chinense range of 80,000 and 150,000 SHU.  (This average range ignores the super-mild and super-hot extremes).  The pungency is felt mostly on the tip and sides of the tongue, lingering on the lips.

Fruity notes dominate the aroma and flavour of this variety – melon, apricot, plum, peach, passionfruit. Surprisingly juicy and crispy, the CGN 21500 chilli pepper has a refreshing quality to it, slightly sweet with no acidity or bitterness.

With its crunch and flavour, the CGN 21500 is well suited to being eaten fresh in salads and salsas.  In cooking, it pairs well with seafood, chicken and meat, especially pork.  Marinades, barbecue sauces and curries will be enhanced by the addition of a few pods.  This is an ideal chilli pepper for a hot sauce that is loaded with flavour, but is lower on the heat scale than a Habanero sauce.   For hot and sweet sauces, jams and jellies, the fruit notes of the CGN 21500 team up well with mango, passionfruit and pineapple.


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